The World through SMS

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Welcome to e-Mesg!

The only full featured email to text service! e-Mesg is interactive, sending you your emails as they arrive, and responds to various commands allowing you full control of your inbox – all through plain SMS!!

Check out this sample conversation to see the power of e-Mesg!

Power of Google

Harness the power of google - offline! You can search for flight info, directions, weather, places, people and more!
The world of information is at your fingertips with e-Mesg!

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Data Privacy

e-Mesg supports OAuth2, the latest in email authentication standards used by Gmail!
With OAuth2, passwords are never stored, ensuring total data privacy

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Full Coverage

e-Mesg sends messages using standard SMS, available wherever you have cellphone service.
No data plan or smartphone needed! You are covered wherever you travel.

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Affordable Pricing

e-Mesg is extremely affordable starting at only $2.49 per month!
e-Mesg offers several plan options to best suit your needs.

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